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Effective, low or no cost technologies can help you outlast lean beginnings and get into high flight. Pigs DO fly! ...and they don't need to GROW wings. The genius airplane creators already moved that mountain for them. Likewise, are you making the most of the technology? What hurts?  It could probably feel much better much sooner than you think.

Some strategies that leverage the internet can be on autopilot to free up resources (especially TIME) so you can focus on things that matter the most. Honor proven principles to make the long-haul a reality. 

After lots of undergrad + grad courses, years of experience, 100s of hours of mentorship, dozens of internet seminars, webinars, and a slew books. I created an awesomely comprehensive brainstorming tool to get your gears greased. 

Click the button and put in your email address and it's yours. You'll also get pings of free training and hot tech usability discoveries. We meet weekly in Raleigh (and on the web - of course!) to discuss and implement strategies that leave more time to do the things that only you can. Don't worry, it is all recorded and searchable so you don't have to miss anything that can change everything. 
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