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alorrinda on Facebook
Hustle Heartburn?
Burn Less Fuel
With The Right Systems
Effective, low or no cost technologies and marketing strategies can help you master takeoff and sustain high flight. Pigs DO fly! ...and they do not need to GROW wings. Airplane inventors moved that mountain; even for pigs. Likewise, using the right process, software or workflow can make all the difference between high flight or a heavy load. You put your heart and soul into your business and a little #geargrease can make a world of difference. 

Some strategies that leverage the internet can be on autopilot to free up resources (especially time).  My focus is to automate lead generation and perfect sales automation by leveraging digital resources such as Facebook ads. It is a big business best practice to leverage digital capabilities whenever possible.  It is also a genius way to make more money while working less and smarter.  

I am lorrinda.  I used to think I was the only one, but now I know that I am JUST one. Visit alorrinda on Facebook; one woman, on a mission of no regrets; to have her life matter for its purpose of common good. I am a technologist and microbusiness champion whose Granny was a Pentecostal preacher.  I know. Hold on. There's more. I grew up in country suburb in North Carolina, sheltered and oblivious to how "the world" worked. What I had was an unyielding faith that I was who God said I was and a burning desire to match that belief to my life experience. 

From looking for love in all the wrong places and homelessness to home ownership, graduate school and business building.   It's been (is) a wild ride! ...and I've been taking notes and slaying dragons the whole time.  It is my duty and honor to share and make the way easier for those that can recognize their truth in the value of my journey.


"If you want to live in the castle, you've got to be willing to slay the dragon." ~lorrinda

After undergraduate + graduate school, years of corporate experience, 100s of hours with mentors, dozens of internet marketing seminars, webinars, and books; and thousands of hours of self-study, I know for sure that a lifestyle business is what works best for me. I had over 500 employees at one point! ...can you say ADULT DAYCARE? Nuts. Let me tell you. It was wonderful and ridiculous all at once. It was then I learned to meditate and understand that, for at least physical and mental health purposes, the WAY I made money (systems, requirements, processes and procedures) is just as important as making money at all. 

Luckily, my formal training is in software development, business administration, project management and global technology management; a perfect match for a career in internet marketing. The only problem was that those degrees and academics did not prepare me to create wealth; it prepares me to produce a great, stable income with a job. I wanted more. 

Peter Drucker is called the "inventor of modern management" because he believed business could be profitable AND socially responsible.  Drucker says that there are two functions of business; marketing and innovation. My millionaire mentor, Myron Golden adds a third function; money management.

Lord, give me the wisdom to do the thing you put me here to do in a way that pleases you and serves the people you put me here to serve.

~The Prayer of King Solomon by Myron Golden

One major reason Golden resonated with me is his simple, powerful message that business is a good idea, because business is a God idea.  That matched what I believed deep down where it counts. Get his free video that reveals "The History and Mystery of Wealth" to begin your own transformation; fair warning though, some lights might come on that may need to be settled in prayer. Yes, I'm serious. 

I created a comprehensive tool to clarity components that #hireTheWeb to leverage the reach, capacity and capabilities of the internet to sell your specific product or service.  Click the pink button below and enter your email address for instant access to the digital empire planning tool. You will also get the #pinkInsight that unboxes, unravels and demystifies the pieces of building an automated empire. Pink Insight'ers get the monthly action letter, management reminders, and exclusive, live implementation demos and trainings.

Visionaries can #hiretheweb for a full-time job doing lead generation and sales automation. I have a super sweet spot for single, Christian (wo)men, but I play nice with just about anyone who can stand to be blessed.

Time is a master we serve. I will help you stabilize and grow business for more time for things that matter most.

What Does It Mean To Hire The Web?

Hire the Web is an operations and productivity approach for microbusiness that embraces the internet and software as prominent and deciding factors to market, sell, and produce the components of a repeatable and scalable business model guided by personal values and vision.

A marketing channel is a set of capabilities and activities that facilitate the communication and distribution of value from production to consumption.  My life work is to enable the next best outcome for the people that I am entrusted to serve, focusing on banishing obstacles; utilizing advantages; and clarifying road maps to realize your brand of success.  

Yep, that's the PASSIONATE elevator pitch for Move My Mountain Corp, but it also my personal vision for mankind and how I can help its common good. 

For example, I think a microbusiness in a starup phase needs a Vice President for Marketing, just like a fortune 500 or a small business in a growth phase does.  But of course, the roles, responsibilities, complexities, pricing and compensation would look very different for each type of business.

I focus on one-stop solutions on-ramp for solopreneurs and microbusiness owners that are working thru their first few iterations of search engine optimization, online marketing, graphic design, website development, copywriting, selling, technology purchases, software, workflow integration, book publishing, professional development, network building, business process automation, lead generation, video production, business planning, project management, and marketing strategy. 

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